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   At home repair of refrigerators and other household appliances in Kiev and the region!

Returning tired after a long day of work, instead of having a rest, we start to do homework and unfortunately it takes quite a lot of time, energy and strength, although oh, how I wanted to spend this free time for my leisure, pay more attention to my relatives and friends, which we pay less and less in this constant daily rush and haste. 

Kindergarten, school, workplace, way from work and work, so it takes five days of our lives a week, then finally come the long-awaited days off and then we can finally sigh-go fishing, go to the zoo with children or just lie on sofa at your favorite TV, you agree to agree that it is much nicer than in these two very long-awaited days to do more and work around the house.

Fortunately, people invented a lot of household appliances and mechanisms that minimize the costs of our efforts at home or at work. Now in the era of high technology is already very difficult to imagine life without a domestic refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air conditioner or microwave oven, and motorists without an auto-air conditioner or thermoelectric refrigerator (based on the work of Peltier elements).

We hardly know how it is without a refrigerator to go to the cellar for groceries, without a washing machine, to wash things with one's own hands or as in the olden days to carry these things to the bannoprachechny combine, and how in the morning to hastily prepare breakfast without microwave or air conditioning in summer time, when the weather forecast promises forty degrees in the shade, when even the cacti wither and our pets do not catch their eye. It is difficult to overestimate the dependence of mankind on all mechanisms and devices created by scientific and technological progress led by man, but one should also not underestimate the dependence of mechanisms and devices on man.

But unfortunately, nothing ever happened and will not be eternal, during the operation due to the wear and tear of individual parts, knots and mechanisms, our constant helpers at home begin to slowly quibble and gradually fail, even such well-known manufacturers as samsung, bosch, ariston, indesit, whirlpool, lg, snaige, gorenje ... are not interested in post-warranty repair of the refrigerator, repair of the washing machine, the manufacturer's policy is always calculated on the purchase of a new one. 

And then the time comes when our repair of refrigerators or repair of washing machines will provide them with all possible help, restoring their efficiency and increasing the lifespan of your home appliances, you thereby save your money without buying a new one. N Simply by using our services  to home repair of refrigerators  in Kiev and the Kiev area , for  the repair of washing machines in Kiev  for quite reasonable prices recover from your electrical appliances, by replacing all the worn out over time, parts and mechanisms to the new.    

We offer you a high-quality and timely repair of refrigerators at home by bank transfer and cash, repair of washing machines by cash or bank transfer, repair of refrigerators and repair of washing machines by installments or credit, for "Privat Bank" card holders the "Payment by parts" service in Kiev and the Kiev region .  at the customer's house, at a pre-agreed time convenient for both parties, for all worn-out spare parts, which after diagnostics of your home appliances will be determined by our specialist, a guarantee is issued indicating the contact information, surname and signature of the mechanic who carried out repairs for up to six months.

You just have to choose a free minute and dial our phone number, name the brand of your refrigerator, washing machine - samsung , bosh, ariston, indizit, whirlpool, lie, snayga, burning ...  and describe the nature of the malfunction. To call a repairman for refrigerators at home in Kiev and the Kiev region, repair a washing machine in Kiev or get qualified advice on issues related to proper operation, technical faults of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, we will always be happy to help you,  call us  by phone:  (044) 592-34-67, (050) 466-22-33, (097) 760-40-60, (093) 11-44-556. 

The time of arrival of our specialists and the beginning of the repair of the refrigerator and other household appliances depends on a number of factors: congestion at the time of acceptance of the application, the complexity of repair work, distance from settlements in the Kiev region, traffic congestion in Kiev. Therefore, all orders forremont kholodilnikov kievrepair of refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region, repair of washing machines in Kiev, repair of microwave ovens, repair of air conditioners take at intervals of two hours and the waiting time for the mechanic is also two hours. Emergency repair of refrigerators in Kiev and the Kiev region is not carried out. All information about the time and timing of the implementation is specified in the telephone conversation when the application is approved, we try to follow the policy, in case of delay our mechanic will contact you. We hope for your understanding of the complexity of the time limits for the repair of refrigerators at home in Kiev and the Kiev region.