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  Welcome to our website for the repair of household appliances Kiev and region!

Returning tired after a long day of work, rather than rest we start homework and she unfortunately does not take much time, energy and effort, but oh, how like this free minute to spend on their leisure time, pay more attention to the family and loved ones, that this attention to the constant daily hustle and bustle, we pay less and less. 

Kindergarten, school, the workplace, the way to and from work, so runs five days of our lives in a week, then finally comes the long-awaited weekend, and then we can finally breathe - go fishing, to go with the kids to the zoo or just lie on the favorite sofa at the TV, do not you agree that it is much nicer than these two very long-awaited day, and even engage in housework.

Fortunately, people invented a lot of appliances and mechanisms which minimize the cost of our efforts in the home or at work. Now in the era of high technology it is already very difficult to imagine life without a domestic refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air conditioner or microwave oven, and motorists without avtoiobilnogo conditioner or thermoelectric cooler (based on the work of Peltier elements).

We could hardly imagine how it is without a refrigerator to go for food in the cellar, without a washing machine to wash things with their hands, or as in the past to bear these things in bannoprachechny plant, but as the morning whipped up to make breakfast without a microwave or no air conditioning in summer, when the weather forecast promises to forty degrees in the shade, where even cactuses wither and our pets do not fall on the eyes. It is hard to overestimate the dependence of mankind from all the mechanisms and instruments created by scientific and technological progress led by a man, but also can not be underestimated dependence mechanisms and instruments on human rights.

But unfortunately, the eternal was nothing, and will not, during the operation due to the wear of individual parts, assemblies and mechanisms of our regular helpers around the house begins to slowly capricious and eventually fail, even such well-known manufacturers like samsung, bosch, ariston, indesit, whirlpool, lg, snaige, gorenje ... not interested in the post-warranty repair of the refrigerator, washing machine repair, the policy maker is always calculated on the purchase of a new one.  And then there comes a time when our repair refrigerators repair washing machines or provide them all possible assistance, restoring their performance and increase the life of your household appliances, you agree to save their money not  buying new.  n Simply use our services in  refrigerator repair  in Kyiv and Kyiv region, on the  repair of washing machines in Kiev  for quite reasonable prices recover from your electrical appliances, by replacing all the worn out over time, parts, assemblies and tools for new ones.    

We offer you high-quality and timely repair of refrigerators,  Repair of washing machines   in cash and non-cash payment, repair of refrigerators, Repair of washing machines in installments or credit card holders "Privat Bank" service "to pay a portion", by bank transfer in Kiev and Kiev region.  the home of the customer, in a pre-agreed time convenient for both sides, all unusable replacement parts, which, after the diagnosis of your household appliances will determine our specialist issued the guarantee with contact information, name and signature of the mechanics to repair up to six months.

You just need to choose a free minute and dial our phone number, name the brand of your refrigerator, washing machine - Samsung, Bosch, Ariston, Indesit, Whirlpool, LV, Snaige, burning ...  and describe the nature of the problem.  To call a repairman in the refrigerator Kiev and the Kiev Oblas, washing machine repair in Kiev or to obtain expert advice on matters relating to the correct operation, technical defects of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, we are always happy to help you,  call us  by phone:  (044) 451-68 - 81 (044) 592-34-67, (050) 466-22-33, (097) 760-40-60, (093) 11-44-556.