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                                    Before you call us

Refrigerator repair : it is necessary to check the power outlet and the power cord is not turned off if the temperature control or the control panel buttons of the refrigerator. In the case of high noise or vibration, look no rattle if shelves and their contents in the refrigerator, as well as whether there is no foreign objects in themselves refrigerator. If there was water in the refrigerator compartment or under the refrigerator, check the drainage of melt water in the bottom of the refrigerator compartment.

Repair of washing machines : it is necessary to check the power outlet and plug the power cord, check the buttons and switches on the control panel if the door is closed washing machine. If there is no water intake valve on the pipe see if the water is not discharged, check the filter in the bottom of the washing machine. In the event that is constantly gaining water and drained, look correctly fastened water drain hose washing machine, it should be raised to 60 cm

If you checked everything and realized that without us you can not do, then call us: (044) 451-68-81, (044) 592-34-67.

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