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                                    How to choose a new refrigerator?

As we would not want to, as we are not used to it eventually comes due to the need to repair or inexpedient because of the technical age, to think about buying a new refrigerator. We provide you please mothers to make it easier to choose a new refrigerator.

Size refrigerator - is the first thing you need to pay attention. Decide on a place where there will be a refrigerator, measure the height, width, depth, and do not forget about the free space for air circulation - a refrigerator should not be right up against the wall. Just take into account the space for free opening refrigerator door - a distance equal to the thickness of the door (4-6 cm) on both sides, in the case of an advantage in the refrigerator door on the other side.

Single Door Refrigerators -  cheap and reliable, but at the same time is not very comfortable - not a large amount, frequent defrosting, because if we use one of the branches of the warm air enters the refrigerator and all so very quickly freezes, especially during the warmer months.

Two-compartment refrigerators - convenient, reliable, practical, have a separate Outage-kholodilnikovaccess to the freezing and refrigerating chambers, subject to the rules of operation, with no faults need to defrost usually every six months. These refrigerators are applied several modifications freezer can be both top and bottom, used drip and no frost (frost free) system, mechanically and electronically controlled. May be one and two compressor, which in turn makes it possible to disable, if necessary, one of the chambers of the refrigerator.

Side by side (side by side) - comfortable, practical, large amount of cameras, high-tech, have a few modifications. At the same time due to vertical positioning cameras large dimensions and price do these refrigerators particularly popular in our country.

Drip system  - defrost refrigerator compartment occurs after each automatic shutdown of the refrigerator temperature, water flows down the drainage system on the cap located on the compressor, where it evaporates, you only need to follow the opening of meltwater drain located at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment, so it does not clog otherwise, the water will flow into the refrigerator.

No frost (frost free) system - in this embodiment, the evaporator is hidden from the user's eyes, the circulation of cold air by means of a fan. Defrost is performed automatically using heaters on the timer, water flows down the drainage system on the cap of the compressor and evaporates. Advantages of this system is that it must be defrosted every year for sanitization of the refrigerator.

Volume of the refrigerator - This indicator is measured in liters refrigerators and must be selected individually by each user, if you have a large family or you buy the products for a month before, then you will of course need a volume of more than a family of two people. If you freeze a lot of fruit, in this case the optimal use of a separate freezer.

If you're not ready to say goodbye to his faithful, proven years fridge, then contact us , we will help return it to its former strength and confidence you that parting hour has not come yet: (044) 451-68-81, (044) 592-34 -67.