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                               How to choose a home air conditioner?

In today's world we can not imagine life without air conditioning, because it makes our way of life and living conditions more favorable. It makes the air moist or drains it. Regardless of the weather outside the window, using the air conditioner in the room is always retained a comfortable environment. So what is the air conditioner? How does this device work?

Air conditioning - a system that stabilizes the air in the room (or cools it makes heat). This is done by the refrigerating cycle, or evaporation. Air Conditioning - device for a comfortable life of man. In hot weather, it helps us to cool off in the cold - warm. 

Along with many advantages, has air conditioning and disadvantages. One of them - the noise level. Currently, manufacturers of these devices are trying to deal with this problem by reducing the noise level of the air conditioner to a minimum. Why this issue is so urgent? It's no secret that the noise is measured in decibels. The noise level is equal to 25 dB, almost never heard of. Whisper person equates to 30 decibels, normal conversation - to 40 decibels, cry - to 70dB. The level of noise the air conditioner close to the mark of 50 dB.  

In the selection of the air conditioner should not pay attention only to the extent of the noise, because it is known that sometimes the devices with a sufficiently large noise is quieter than its competitors. This is due to the fact that the air conditioner has various operating modes, and each of them has a criterion level of noise. One reason is the noise current of air exiting through the fan and louvers. Many manufacturers to make smaller the degree of noise, write it on the box at the level of the lowest speed air conditioner (in fact less than the speed, the less noise). But in hot weather low rate conditioner is not able to cope with cooling air and you turn faster mode. Of course, the degree of noise at times increases.  

Responsible manufacturers write the noise level for each mode (for example, 24, 30, 36 dB). Those who are chasing sales, not thinking about customers, indicate only the minimum degree of noise (25 dB).

What are the rules in choosing an air conditioner?

In order to choose a quality, safe and quiet air conditioning, it is necessary to consider the production of several manufacturing companies. According to statistics, more expensive air conditioning, and is just quieter. The noisiest, those devices which are produced through a window and monoblock type.

Here are a couple of conditioners, propagating in the markets of Ukraine, which are distinguished by their silent operation:
1. Mitsubishi Electric (MSZ-GE25VA)
Current models of the air conditioner is almost impossible to hear the human ear. It is ideal for people with sensitive ears, which interferes with sleep, even the slightest noise. But not only is the advantage of quiet air conditioner. Another advantage of this model - the removable housing which provides a simple and convenient purification of the air conditioner. Additionally, this model includes features heating and reliable filter, whose period of service for about 10 years.

2. Mitsubishi Electric (SZ-FD25VABH)
Conditioning of this model has a system of energy saving (for sufficiently small degree of noise, it can save up to 30%).

3. Daikin (TXS25D)
Air Conditioning different interesting design and low noise. Additionally, it has a motion sensor.

4. Panasonic (S-XE9JKDW)
This model has a low noise level (almost silent), quality triple filter that cleans the air of bacteria and microorganisms.

5. Air Conditioning (ERGO ACM-1203CH)
Unlike other air conditioners, this model does not require installation and has good mobility.

Before purchasing a conditioner, you have to understand the purposes for which it is needed. Heated or cooled room? Or maybe the whole apartment? The more air conditioning, so there should be more room in which it is used. You do not have to choose a great device for a small room, this could easily cope with air conditioning and medium size.

Choosing air conditioning, the next step is to install it.  

Where to mount air conditioner?
Of course, air conditioning stands installed in areas in which you are most of the time (for example room, bedroom, hall, kitchen, etc.). For the bedrooms are perfect machines in which there is a silent operation mode. But it is worth noting that this type of device is more expensive. Sure, you get the air conditioner is not a day or a month, it will serve you for several years, so is not it better to choose the device that will please you for its reliability and high quality?