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                                  How to choose a washing machine? 

Choosing a washing machine is quite a difficult task. In the home appliance stores usually a wide range of well-known brands remont-stiralnykh-mashinof washing machines - Bosch, Samsung, Gorenje, Indezit, Lg ... All these producers do not require additional recommendations, here the choice is up to the buyer, the main functions of washing machines are almost identical, so we need to focus on the parameters - built into furniture or freestanding, with front or top loading, with or without drying, spin speed, the amount of load of laundry, as well as remember that the more advanced features - more expensive machine, so if some opportunity to choose stiralnloy machine you do not see appropriate, then there is no need for extra financial cost.

Loading washing machine is front and vertkalnoy, loading weight of 3.5 kg to 8 kg. Machine with a front loading tank fits better in a number of furniture and machine with a vertical load of laundry to save you space in a limited area bathroom. As for the mass of the load, then the average family for four people will be enough weight 5 kg.

Spin washing mshiny determined by the number of revolutions of the drum vrivodimogo a motor per unit time - 1 stiralnykh-remontminute. There are up to 1500 rev / min., Such an intrinsic spin mode only for heavy linen, the most optimal 800 rev / min.

Drying washing machine - it's not something that would be necessary function for an additional 30% of the cost, but you must admit there is not vney osparimye advantages, especially in the winter when the balcony to wait a week of drying laundry.