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                                                   Choosing a microwave - a helpmate.

Several years ago, our hostess and could not imagine that they will have such a miracle - a helper as a microwave. Microwave oven has revolutionized the kitchen: reduced cooking time, and the dishes in the result is tasty and healthy.

Compared with electric or gas stove microwaves have many significant advantages:
- they are much cheaper and more compact;
- Cheap conventional plates, they are easy to keep clean and tidy;
- in addition to all the above advantages, it is also a device for heating and defrosting food products .
If you decide to equip the kitchen such a miracle - an assistant, you should seriously approach the selection of the model:
1. The first problem when buying a microwave oven - is its volume (it varies from 8,5l to 41l). The most "running" - medium and small (20 - 28L), they are the best for small families consisting of three - four. If the furnace is only needed for the application, or a combination of microwaves with convection (creating inside the oven hot air from the heater and fan), it will be enough volume to 20L. you need a model with a grill, then the volume should be 27 - 28L.

For small-sized kitchen or bachelor, when the stove is needed for heating only, you can buy small. In the case where a large family or you love often invite guests, the oven capacity from 30L will definitely be for you.

The recently introduced on the market new types (models), microwaves, allowing to cook in 2 levels. You, of course, 2 cake once it can cook, but here are a few hens does not work.

2. The following is important - this is the purpose of the oven.
If you use it for reheating and defrosting, it will be sufficient microwave. If you want to bake cakes, pies or cakes, and get delicious meat or chicken with unusually browned crust, then you need to buy a microwave oven with convection. When the optimal combination of microwaves and convection significantly faster food reaches the desired consistency.

If you like the food cooked on the grill, then you need the same regime microfurnace but subdivided into quartz and TENovye.

Advantages of quartz is that they are:
- much efficiency;
- work faster;
- easier to keep them clean;
- the camera does not take place the microwave, as fully placed in the ceiling.

TENovyh Dignity - a modification of his position, that is, the ability to descend and climb to a certain height, while providing uniform heating of the ingredients used.

3. Control Panel microwaves are mechanical pushbutton and touch:
Mechanical - the most simple. Rotate the two handles, fix the timer and the radiation level. This microwave oven is perfect for those who understand the bad words such as "programming", "Auto Menu" and the like.

The touch - a little more complicated, but interesting. It automatically, based on the type and quantity of ingredients used, and sets realistic about the time required for their preparation. Here on the scoreboard most occurring programmed recipes, so just type the type and the required amount of microwave and install everything myself.

4. Also not unimportant - a coating inside.
The walls of the stainless steel is very durable, beautiful and able to withstand any temperature.

Ceramic - too strong, they can not be scratched.

Rugged enamel - a fairly smooth surface and is very easy cleaning.

5. Only amateurs think that there is a microwave oven only to heat the entree or make hot sandwiches (sandwiches). Microwave with grill and convector before you open up huge opportunities for implementation of original ideas. Combinations of modes used to quickly prepare delicious dishes. We give them the features and specifications:
- "microwaves" enable faster defrost food and warm cereals, baby food, milk, various soups, drinks, and make tea or coffee
- "grill" - formed golden brown;
- "microwave + grill "- combining teplonagreva and operating time, resulting in much faster dish is prepared, but it turns out not so good as when heated;

- "convection" - warming up in foil or metalloposude;

- "convection + microwave" - for the diet, with This mode is very convenient oven baking, as it is not undercooked and evenly baked through, drier in winter can be different herbs and spices. Set the minimum value of the thing and turn around convection on two minutes.

In general, any assistant will appear in your home depends on you.