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                        A voltage regulator for home appliances.

It's no secret that the state of public utilities of cities and adjoining villages in our country more, to put it mildly, far from the one that can provide honest taxpayers peaceful and prosperous existence. For example, the city electric supply network and their transformer economy today does not guarantee its customers reliable and relevant international norms and rules of energy.

The situation is even worse with the power coming into the villages and suburbs. Due to lack of funds and specialists there is almost no works on the timely maintenance of cables and overhead lines, transformers and protective switching devices. On the allocation of money to carry out the planned overhauls and there is not even speak in a whisper.

Peregruzhёnnye transformers and cable lines miscalculated was old wiring and insulation suitable for home wiring contribute to significant changes in voltage and lead to rapid failure of electrical household appliances and lighting equipment. Note here that the existing legal framework today is not on the side of consumers and all the costs of repairing the equipment burnt completely fall on your shoulders. 

Most experts arrived in godforsaken corners of our country, only exacerbate the already difficult situation when they switch supply transformers an additional winding, which increase the output voltage. As a result, slightly raising the supply voltage in the evening, they thus create a very dangerous situation in the unloaded day period. Voltage, got into the house, sometimes reaches a value of 247; 260; 270 and ruthlessly "kills" all included in the home network appliances. 

Darkly, you say? No, there is a solution! Through the efforts of our own and foreign experts, managed to find a way out of this situation. Created a unique device - household voltage stabilizer. The device is a modern electronic system allows for a fraction of a second to align swings and jumps mains voltage to provide consumers with high-quality AC voltage within the meaning of 220 ± 5%. 

The electronic voltage regulators become reliable protection of your home and any electrical appliances. Their work is quiet, but tedious. The design of the electronic stabilizer ensures reliable operation under all operating conditions for many years, it does not require any maintenance.

How to choose a voltage regulator.

For right choice of voltage stabilizer is very important to define the parameters of your electrical network and consumed during the day with electric power. Incorrect source data can select meets your needs voltage regulator for optimal control of its operation. As a result, you throw your money away without achieving the desired results.

1. Number of phases supply.
Manufacturers produce voltage regulators for both single-phase and three-phase electrical networks for. For apartment owners of apartment buildings, traditionally powered from a household electrical meters, located on the landing is quite suitable single-phase electronic stabilizer. Happy owners of private housing, country cottages or lodges mostly used three-phase network. When selecting voltage regulator it is necessary to pay attention to the three-phase model. In fairness, it should be noted that such a source of stable AC voltage does not differ in their parameters and structurally consists of three single-phase units connected in a "star."

2. The value of the lower and upper value of the input voltage.
When selecting voltage regulator AC is very important to know the range of variation of voltage in your location. For this purpose it is necessary to map the mains voltage measurements during the day. In this case, it is not necessary time off from work to sitting next to an electrical outlet, every half hour to take readings of the control of the voltmeter. It will be sufficient to connect the meter probes to home electrical and record the values obtained in the evening after work and in the morning before going to work.

3. Rated power AC voltage stabilizer.
A very important parameter of any voltage regulator is considered his full rated power. It actually determines the efficiency of the device when you connect a particular load. Therefore, to select AC voltage stabilizer greatest importance is the knowledge of the power consumption at the lowest value of the voltage in your network. At the same time, having even school knowledge in electrical engineering, you can easily calculate this value. Fold the nameplate capacity of all household appliances, working in the evening period, and you will get most of the power consumption at the lowest possible on your home network voltage.