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                           Steamer or multivarka? How to make hard choices.

At present, more and more people want to consume wholesome food for the body, thus spend as little time on its preparation and almost no effort. Therefore, many housewives came home from work, they want as little as possible to spend time at the stove, spend more time with her children and husband, pamper them delicious and healthy dinner. To do this, and were created multivarka and steamer.

Steaming - a device that is easy to use, it gives a lot of free time owner and does not require control over cooking. You just need to make the right products and set the cooking time. This unit has a remarkable feature: the evaporation of water from the reservoir, it automatically turns off. Cooked foods in a double boiler to be not only delicious, but also retain their nutrients, so it is very beneficial effect on all the vital organs. Steamer was invented many years ago, and every year she improved.

The main feature of steamers are its technical characteristics that must be considered when choosing a double boiler. The set includes a tank for collecting condensate tank for cooking, housing, on which the control button. The price depends on the number of steamers containers which consist of plastic or glass. Some steamers have a bowl for cooking rice. Steamer is easy to use, only need to set the cooking, which is on the case. Also on the case you will find a turning timer. Pay attention to the quality of the timer and the lever in order to avoid their sunken than during operation. Now modern technology is not standing still, and have developed more modern steamers, which are equipped with a touch panel and made of sufficiently robust housing, the price of a double boiler, of course, will be higher than that of conventional steamers.

The most important parameter of a double boiler - this time she spends on cooking. And it is important for each family: the less cooking time, the easier and faster the whole process. Modern steamers of the most popular manufacturers are equipped with a feature that speeds up the processing of food with steam, thereby keeping it all the most useful vitamins and minerals. Many manufacturers offer a wide variety of functions and features of steamers, which are directly influenced by her work, and the cost.

In addition steamer, hostess acquire for use in the kitchen Multivarki. This latest and modern invention of science, which is a device equipped with multiple functions for making quick and delicious lunch or dinner. The principle at work Multivarki almost same as steamers, but this device has greater capabilities. Multivarka is not just for cooking for a couple, it has the function of preparation of the first course, second course, has a function for baking, cooking porridge, and some models are equipped with a function of making yogurt. Multivarka easy to use, you just have to put all the necessary products and pour the right amount of fluid to select the desired cooking mode - and you can go play with the baby, or simply read your favorite book.

A large number of functions for cooking will not only prepare tasty and wholesome food but also diversifies your menu. Dishes that are prepared in Multivarki, prepared without the use of fat and oil. They are prepared in its own juice, and therefore the same as in the preparation in a double boiler, are stored in all the nutrients and minerals. In Multivarki cooking uses three basic modes that allow the unit to set the cooking time and automatically adjust the time spent on the process. Is undeniably convenient cooking function on the "couple": when using this feature is enough to put in the tank Multivarki all the ingredients, but the cooking time did not make any difference when using this mode, the ingredients can be added when you are comfortable.

All models have a modern mode heating cooked food, thereby meal is always hot and you do not need to heat up the cooked food, as multivarka keeps food hot until you do not disable the "heating". Of course, in many ways superior multivarka steamer in terms of functionality, however, and the cost Multivarki much more.

Of course, no matter which technique you choose, it does not affect the warmth of your home, it is much easier life housewife and give her a good mood.