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                                               How to choose a stove for the kitchen?


At the location of the plate can be divided into individual who stand apart, and built that are inscribed in the design of the kitchen furniture. And the built-in type plate will have a higher price. But the main division cookers conducted on the basis of their work: some boards are powered by gas, others - from electricity, and the third - a plate combined type. In turn, these large groups are divided into smaller ones. Take, for example, electric cookers: among them are classical, electrical and glass-ceramic plate.


Let us consider the glass-plate: they have a smooth mirror surface with marked on it rings. Due to the flat surface of the dishes on such plates never turn over. Strength glass ceramic coating of these plates is such that allows no consequences to drop them a cast-iron frying pan.


The thermal conductivity of this type of board is high, when compared with the parameters of traditional types of plates. In vitro-ceramic cookers almost instantaneously heated burners, incandescent spiral very quickly transfers its heat through the glass bowl. In addition, some models have a glass-plate dual circuit cooking zone, which allow you to select the area of heating, including either larger or smaller diameter. And burners allow using a heating zone, which is oval in shape, this is achieved by switching the mode, which is activated when the secondary portion of the heater. Thus, instead of a round oval burner hotplate turns it takes to ensure uniform heating conditions oval dishes, such as utyatnitsu.


The advantages of glass-ceramic hob plates include that they have a special indicator that indicates the level of residual heat, it is possible to easily determine the still hot from previous hotplate.


We now turn to the shortcomings that exist and glass-ceramic plates. To those can be attributed the presence of low skirting boards, which allows fluid to flow escaped from the surface right on the kitchen floor. And if the liquid will flood neighboring still hot from previous burner, the surface of the board can crack and need to be replaced, which will take a considerable amount of money. More ceramic tiles will need to use expensive high-quality dishes with flat, smooth bottom.


An alternative to the use of glass ceramic plate can become regular electric stove, it will be cheaper ceramic and even be more practical, as in the classical electric stove burners have a higher resistance to mechanical and thermal effects . However, the food on the plate will be prepared by a slower than ceramic plate.


And what about gas stoves? They are available with different surfaces: it can be stainless steel, and can be painted a special solid white or colored enamel, which is perfectly clean. Modern steel plate equipped with removable grilles Stand, which is very convenient to use, because such a grating can be washed separately, even with the use of the dishwasher.


Possible gas leak in such plates is controlled automatically equip them for this system Gas Control. This system will shut off the gas if the flame suddenly went out, so there is no fear of leakage, even if the escaped liquid will fill the flames.


Another gas cookers have electric ignition function, that is, the gas is ignited by means of automatic electronic ignition, one has only to turn the handle.


Gas stoves are equipped with burners with two annular burner having small and large range. Current models of steel plates supplied with the sensor controlling the heating of the pan, it can maintain an optimal intensity of a gas flame.


Among gas stoves have a high-end models, their design eliminates open flame, it is hidden under the cover of the ceramic type. These plates do not require cleaning and handling, they are safe.


There is a third type of cookers - a mixed or combined. For example, when the plate will have two types of electric hotplate, and the other two - the gas type, moreover, it will still be an electric oven. This type of plates can be very useful where there is an unstable supply of the population with electricity and gas.


In addition to the main burner, the stove there is a mandatory element, like an oven. Conventional ovens will necessarily be composed of the heating elements disposed above and below, this provides uniform heating. The temperature in the oven can be regulated, in addition, it is equipped with illumination and a timer.