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                                   Can I repair appliances yourself?

We all got used to his little helpers in everyday life. However, if we are talking about a refrigerator, a washing machine or dishwasher, these small devices called problematic. However, all appliances - from the air conditioner to the toaster - can not last forever, broken occasionally occur. And then the first thing we try to address in the workshop. However, people with an engineering degree (or at least tilt) ask the question: maybe try to repair the equipment yourself?

1) breaking too seriously, and it is difficult to eliminate.
2) Do not over equipment warranty period.

As is known, the repair of home appliances under warranty free of charge. However, if you open a repair manual and operation of any machine, it will be clear which of the cases covered by warranty, and what - no. For example, if mechanical damage has occurred during transportation of the washing machine, the responsibility for it lies with the company to carry out delivery. You can give her a claim and request to correct the problem. However, representatives of the company's delivery may refer to the warranty and redirect you to the office of the manufacturer. But from the standpoint of the latest, breaking not void your warranty because it is not related to workmanship. And then you can lose a lot of time and nerves, finding that, at whose expense will be made repairs. This is exactly the situation when you yourself can not yet finished when the warranty period to interfere with the integrity of the casing of the washing machine, if you have an urgent need to bring it into operation.

However, the imaginary breakage of the washing machine may be simply that if you, say, wash camel blanket, then forget to clean the filter. If you do not know how to open it, read the manual again for repair and maintenance, and see in it a description of the same process, filter and clean it. Surely you will find in it a lot of matted fur, and among her oxidized coins and long searched the apartment button. Which of these emissions, and save it - you decide, but from the filter all this it is necessary to remove, or drain the water and will not work.

Many minor troubles with household appliances can be repaired with his own hands, besides not all manufacturers seal up Corps of household appliances, so sometimes it can be disassembled and during the warranty.