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                                         Choosing a TV for the kitchen

Kitchen, as well as other accommodations, is a very important place. A place where every day brings together all members of the family, eat, talk, discuss the top stories of the day. Very often you come to visit, relatives, neighbors. Hospitable owner will always offer to spend time together and not give up in the attention. Thus, in order for these meetings were pleasant, helpful and comfortable, it should properly arrange the kitchen space.

One of the elements of kitchen design is television.

Before you decide on buying a TV in the kitchen, it is desirable to hold a certain number of actions:

- To conduct a survey of those people visiting the premises, for the feasibility of installing the TV;

- Listen to all opinions, advice, suggestions;

- Make measurements to determine the location, means of fasteners;

- Consider the place laying of cables (HDMI, USB, DVI, Scart);

- Bring the power supply cable 220V, mounting the at least three new outlet.

It is also worth to consider the future development of events:

1. Connecting a TV tuner for viewing satellite television;

2. Wi-Fi connection set-top boxes;

3. Connect gadgets that will be developed in the future.

The preliminary collection of information by performing a series of actions necessary, considering the amount of cash and non-cash, you can try to go to the next step before you buy.

Kitchen - a place where most of the time. Many is the time, want to spend not only for the preparation and adoption of healthy and tasty food, but also for fun and pleasure, fun, and convenient information development.

Picking up the TV in the kitchen, it should be understood that this item will be used in highly corrosive environments. Thus, it must meet the necessary parameters:

- Exterior design; contrast; color reproduction; maximum visibility;

- Functionality; thinness at large diagonal;

- Filling; high resolution; minimum power consumption and a fair price.

Screen Size

Screen size should be selected based on the distance from which you view pictures.

Standard rooms up to 10m2, you can choose a model with a range of 16-22 inches diagonally. TVs with a diagonal allow without straining, enjoy the perfect picture, as well as compact place it in a limited kitchen facilities.

In larger premises 10m2 used TVs from 22-36 inches. These wide-format TV is very compact, ergonomic and suited to any large kitchen.

Plasma panel with a diagonal of 36-40 inches. These devices are placed in the combined studios with kitchen and living room. And here it should be noted, we have to pick up, the main model for the apartment.

Viewing Angle

The maximum angle to the plane of the screen. A very important indicator. It allows you to avoid possible distortion of the preview image. Choosing a TV with wide viewing angle, we get the best quality matrix. It will have to pay a little bit. The matrix used will also affect the viewing angle. The ideal viewing angle is considered in 1780.

Matrix, what are they?

- LCD LCD type display. Thanks to ideal forms, and application of new technologies, he has a high popularity.

- Plasma Display. Having a high contrast, color, wide-screen format with a minimum thickness, plus the perfect viewing angle.

- LED display. Expensive matrix with high quality indicators, using organic light-emitting diodes.


Modern devices have to have a set of additional functions. View audio and video files, photos and other information with a USB drive. Ability to connect a PC, tablet, laptop with an HDMI cable. The remote control must be easy to use. Function buttons to adjust the image and select the channels on the front of the TV set or a miniature joystick.

The man passed all stages before purchase, can easily choose the right TV for the kitchen. In this case, clearly knowing what parameters should have this piece of furniture. And absolutely no matter what the brand is purchased TV. The main buyer is aware of the essence of the proposed goods to him. Get a lot of pleasure from the process of buying and remains happy new acquisition.

Ps You always want to get into the hands of a professional seller, consultant, so he handled the buyer and did everything in its class. But in life, like in the movies does not happen. We have to become very professional.