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                                        Conditioner repair time to meet !!!                      

                                  Repair of air conditioners

Call mechanics   FREE
Diagnosis    70.00 gr.

Cleaning the indoor unit

Chiska filters

Checking the system pressure

Partial zaprvki refrigerant

from 300.00 gr.
Filling Freon R-22 from 300.00 gr.
Filling Freon R-410 from 400.00 gr.
Repair electrics from 150.00 gr.
Repair Management Module from 350.00 gr.
Prices clarifies mechanic after diagnostki


Modern air conditioning, a high-tech HVAC equipment, which is increasingly being introduced into our lives. Air conditioning is used fakticheki all grown: automobiles, offices, nurseries, schools, industrial buildings, in our homes, apartments, and not so long ago, many still remember the days when a sultry time we tried to catch the faint whiff of a humming fan. Life is fleeting, replaced by new generations come and have climatic technology to replace the fans came modern air-conditioned.

How to reliable and durable were not modern air-conditioned, they still like any technology needs constant maintenance and care. Timely preventive maintenance makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of a more serious and costly neispravnoti, enhance efficient operation of air conditioning and prolong its service life. Imagine after all the load on the nodes mechanisms, if the street plu thirty five degrees Celsius, and indoors we have fertile morning coolness. We were fresh and good, and he will not envy the poor guy, but everyone has their own life, for he was created. But vnuzhny momnt our repair of air conditioners will always be able to assist and repair your air conditioner.  

We offer quality repair services for air conditioners in Kiev, in the pre-arranged time at home at the customer at affordable prices, after the repair of your air conditioner on all replacement parts for our master vypisyvaetsya warranty contact information. To call a specialist, a consultation on the operation of the air conditioner or repair, call us on the phone numbers: (044) 451-68-81, (044) 592-34-67.


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