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                            Repair of washing machines in Kiev.

 Types of work performed   with spare parts  with spare parts
 Departure mechanic + diagnostic in Kiev       250.00 UAH      250.00 UAH
 Replacement of electric washing machine  from 350.00 UAH   from 650.00 UAH
 Replacing the drain pump (pump)  from 350.00UAH  from 650.00 UAH
 Replacing the water reclamation valve  from 350.00 UAH  from 650.00 UAH
 Replacing the pressure switch (water level switch) from 350.00 UAH    from 650.00 UAH
 Replacement of the mains filter  from 350.00 UAH      from 650.00 UAH
 Replacement of the temperature sensor (sensor)  from 350.00 UAH      from 650.00 UAH
 Replacing the motor brushes  from 350.00 UAH      from 650.00 UAH
 Replacing the bearings of the tank  from 1100.00UAH  from 1500.00 UAH
 Replacement of the lock of the hatch (UBL)  from 350.00 UAH      from 650.00 UAH
 Repair of the control module (board)  from 650.00 UAH      from 650.00 UAH
 Replacing the drive belt  from 350.00 UAH      from 650.00 UAH
 Removing a foreign object  from 450.00 UAH      from 450.00 UAH
 Replacing the hatch cuff  from 350.00 UAH   from 650.00 UAH
 Minimal repair of AGR       350.00 UAH        350.00 UAH

remont-stiralnykh-smaA washing machine is an essential item in every home, it simplifies and simplifies the process of washing clothes and linen in a lot, it frees up a lot of free time and saves our non-limit energy and strength. Our repair of washing machines, in contrast to the manufacturers of washing machines, which are trying their best to make repairs of washing manin, is impossible to interest in ensuring that your faithful washing machine works stably, reliably, durably, qualitatively and without breakage. But if suddenly this happened, then do not worry much about our repair specialists washing machines always respond, they will come to your aid as quickly as possible in the difficult moment and will do their best to repair the washing machine gave her a  second full life.

We provide repair services for washing machines in Kiev at home by the customer. You do not have to transport this rather cumbersome item of home sma tenappliances from home to our workshop and pay not a small money for transportation. Our repair of washing machines in Kiev - Podol , Obolon, Syrets, Kurenyovka, Nivki, Vinogradar, Borshchagovka, Teremki, Troyeshchyna, Poznyaki, Kharkiv Massif, Osokorky,  Forest Massif, Darnitsa, Otradny, Svyatoshino, Pechersk, Solomenka, Rusanovka, Bereznyaki, Novo -Belich, Belichi, Seagull, Pushcha-Voditsa is  carried out by a team of specialists and therefore we are ready to bear responsibility for poor-quality maintenance of machinery, which we repair and return it to its primary working condition. On all worn out details, which our specialist considers necessary to replace the repair of a washing machine, a warranty with contact information for a period of up to six months is issued.

We make repair of washing machines in Kiev popular and well-proven models of our sma 2manufacturers: indesit, ariston, ardo, bosch, samsung, zanussi ... which have proved themselves in the market for a long time, as reliable, high-quality and stable working equipment. We will be able to eliminate a lot of malfunctions in such a way that the machine will work as a purchase pie without causing you unnecessary trouble and trouble. Turning to our repair of washing machines in Kiev, you can always solve the problem with the breakdown of your washing machine locally, the master will always be able to leave to your house, and our specialists will always be able to advise you by phone:  (044) 592-34-67, (050 ) 466-22-33, (097) 760-40-60, (093) 11-44-55-6.