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                    Repair of microwave ovens temporarily defaulting !!!

                                            Repair of microwave ovens

Calling mechanics  free 
Diagnostics      70.00
Replacement magnetrona from 400.00 gr.
Replacement of transformer 300.00 gr.
Replacement kondensatora from 200.00 gr.
Replacement of high voltage diode from 200.00 gr.
Replacement of high-voltage fuse from 200.00 gr.
Replacing the diffusion plate (mica) from 200.00 gr.
Replacing electric locks, light bulbs from 200.00 gr.

Replacing the motor

from 250.00 gr.
Repair fees from 250.00 gr.

Microwave in our kitchen takes even camoe not the main place, but not the last, but when you consider the value of the microwave in the office market or eating places, the meaning of the words microwave, microwave overestimated, especially in our constant rush and as would be without it in our modern, always running time would sound phrase - "just quickly bite" or "vkinut Butriks." Though they say, cooking in a microwave oven is not exactly helpful, but at the same time quickly vet in modern times we do not stop mobility used cars, televisions, computer, mobile phone, although all these attributes progress much negative impact on us and the environment .

And here comes the day when we are in a hurry in the morning to work, and our favorite micro wave oven categorically refuses to feed us - I fed you and now you have time ... But how much do we really pay attention to all our household electrical appliances: not closed tverka - then have to whack her national method that is spilled - then dry it, lacks the power cord to the wall outlet - turf, but because of such trifles seemed our household equipment regularly refuses to serve us.

In such cases, we go to work all day and think of when, what and where to get it repaired, because as it turned out something to us without the microwave oven is not enough, and all okyvaetsya much easier, you just need to enter the online advertising newspaper or take in these sources of information, many services are ready to come to your aid, refers to such service and our Service on home appliances repair in Kiev.

We repair of microwave ovens in Kiev at the home of the customer, and a pre-arranged time convenient to you AJ. After the diagnosis of your microwave by our master, any replacement parts necessarily guarantee issued with kontaktnty information. To call a specialist or consult on issues related to your equipment, you can call us by phone: (044) 451-68-81, (044) 592-34-67 .

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