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                                Repair of equipment on credit, installments.

In modern reality, repairing a refrigerator, repairing a washing machine, repairing an air conditioner or any other home appliances is quite expensive and not everyone can afford to pay a round sum for major repairs in our country, not to mention buying a new refrigerator or washing machine. If you can not do without a microwave, air conditioner and even a washing machine for a while, then without a refrigerator there. There is no money, summer is outside, children are at home ... What should I do? One of the ways out is the repair of home appliances or its purchase with the help of a credit system - installments.

Our repair of refrigerators in Kiev and the Kiev region is ready to offer you, its services for the repair of refrigerators in Kiev and the Kiev region in installments or on credit.

 Variat №1.

Payment in installments from "Privat Bank" - is available to customers of "Privat Bank", a  uniform distribution of payment up to 24 months at 0%. To check the service, send an SMS to the number 10060 with the text chast, in reply you will receive an SMS message about the service, or call the customer support number "Privat Bank" - 3700

Option number 2.

pay laterInstallment "Pay later" for the repair of refrigerators, washing machines for up to 10 months, for 3 months installments at 0% , with an initial payment of 30% of the cost of repairs.

The way to get an installment plan at home, without any trips:

1. Diagnosis of the failure and determination of the cost of repairs by our specialist.

2. Documents: passport, index code.

3. Filling out the questionnaire: >>>>> questionnaire*** In the "link to the site" column, specify: https://malaha.com.ua,  in the "package" column, the crediting period is 3 months 0%, 6 months 20% and 10 months 30%. 

4. We expect the positive decision of our financial partner no more than 24 hours.