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                             How to clean the fridge?

In this article, we present one of the following antibiotic treatment of your refrigerator and several ways Troub odor. All  below mentioned in this material is not binding, as every woman has the technology of cleaning, perhaps more than we offered Effectiveness.

To start preparing soda solution: two tablespoons of baking soda per gallon of water breed. Turn off the refrigerator from the power outlet, release of the products, perishable nezabyvaya move as much as possible in a cool place. Extract from the refrigerator all the shelves, Reshotka, sudochki, Plates, my whole plastic and lay out to dry.

After complete thawing of the refrigerator, not in any way using a sharp object to otkovyryvaniya ice Py proceed to wash the enclosure itself. Sealing rubber of my clean water, without soda solution. Then wash everything clean water, wipe dry porlotentsem and give some time to dry. Everything is ready !!! Tired? Me too.

Refrigerators with the system NO FROST, once a year, so it is necessary to be sure to defrost and conduct a thorough antibiotic treatment.

To remove odors, which incidentally appears in violation of the rules of hygiene, improper distribution and storage of food in the refrigerator, sell special filters, we also offer you a few folk for experimentation may make effective methods:

  1 Finely cut pieces of black bread.                    images  

  2 Put a cup of water.

  3 Arrange the lemon slices on the shelves.

  4 Put the charcoal.

Do not forget in our opinion has the right to exist version with a weak solution of vinegar and of course certain practical modern detergents.