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                         Caring for a washing machine.

Storage of dirty laundry in the tub of the washing machine is not necessary, as over time appears quite nepriatny smell. To store dirty laundry envisaged within the mass of all sorts specially provided containers - baskets kosholok, boxes ...

To avoid clogging the pump, drain system is absolutely necessary to carefully check the contents of his pockets on the availability of coins gaechek, bolts, 2clips kantselyaskih shorter depending on hto who works and pay special attention to the pockets of rising generation, there is certainly possible to find all kinds of antiques completely not the right machine.

Before washing clothes to sort different types of tissue, the light from the dark, it's not no secret that different tissue types corresponds to a certain mode of washing, and one thing shed dark Ispahan almost all light-colored clothes in the tub.

After washing as soon as possible osvovobozhdaem tank washing machine from wet clothes, wipe with a dry cloth cuff hatch from moisture, wash tank for detergent. Door hatch reserve 'outdoor ventilation and cfinal ispreniya residual moisture. As a preventive measure sometimes check filter pump, usually located at the bottom of the washing machine for the contents of our pockets.

Prevention of scale washing machine available promotional offers such as "Calgon" and all sorts of analogs of this brand is possible, but there are national method no less effective, and one hundred percent safe as compared to chemical products - citric acid. Suffice it to 200 gr. folk remedy fill up in capacity for washing powder and option switches to a full wash cycle 90 degrees. This procedure was repeated every 2-4 months depending on the quality of water in certain areas.