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Refrigerator sealing rubber replacement

While experiencing a cycle of economic downturns, we must teach a lesson about how to cut costs, especially in electricity bills. We need to know how to save electricity from our electrical appliances, primarily from our refrigerator. A refrigerator is one of the devices that consume a lot of electr...

repair of refrigerators

Fundamentals of trade refrigerators repair

As a rule, the repair of commercial refrigerators is, first of all, planned work and preventive measures aimed at monitoring the operability and diagnostics of all components of the unit system. Service technicians periodically carry out technical and maintenance work. Service engineers carry out i...

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Home appliances in our life

Returning tired after a long day of work, instead of having a rest, we start homework and it unfortunately takes a lot of time, energy and strength, although oh, how I wanted to spend this free time at my leisure, pay more attention to relatives and friends, we pay less and less attention to this at...

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Warranty for white goods

The appliance warranty is a protective care plan that covers the maintenance and repair of your household items, such as the refrigerator, air conditioners, dishwasher, water heater, plumbing, and electrical systems. If you have home insurance, you will be protected from natural disasters, but you w...

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Сorrect and fast defrost of the refrigerator

Everybody, without exception, has to defrost the refrigerator, but only a part of people do it right. As a result, there may be unforeseen failures, which should not be. That is, people themselves create problems for themselves and technology. From this article you will learn how to properly defreez...

Антибактериальное покрытие холодильника

Antibacterial coating of the refrigerator

Refrigerator - an indispensable thing in every home. When purchasing food, the first place they go is a refrigerator. But it is worth considering whether it is safe to store food in this place. Day after day, peeking, sorting out products, pulling out ready-made meals back and forth, people do not ...

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Side-by-side refrigerators

Side-by-Side technology (literal translation from English - \"side by side\") has made a real revolution in the world of consumer electronics. The habitual appearance of the refrigerator has changed a lot: it has become much larger and more “solid”, acquiring the dominant status among kitchen ap...

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Refrigerator Samsung

Refrigerators of this brand belong to the economy class, but the manufacturer is attentive to the performance characteristics of this home appliances, and to the convenience inside, and to the exterior design. Reliability and durability of the device are confirmed by a 3-year warranty, which is give...

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On the repair of refrigerators

Repair of modern refrigerators is a complex and not always fast process; mechanics for repairing refrigerators should have knowledge and skills: welding, repair of electrical and electronic parts of a refrigerator . After all, a modern refrigerator is no longer a grandmother\'s refrigerator with thr...

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Voltage regulator

It is not a secret for anybody that the state of communal services of cities and adjacent villages in our country is, to put it mildly, far from that which can provide honest taxpayers with a peaceful and prosperous existence. So, for example, urban electrical networks and the transformer industry t...

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We choose multivarku

Today, it is of great importance to take care of your health, and first of all it concerns the proper nutrition and selection of useful products for the activities of your body. Food cooked in butter, during frying is enriched with harmful ingredients, can lose its beneficial qualities and harm the ...

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Steamer or Multivark

Currently, more and more people want to eat healthy food for the body, while spending as little time as possible on its preparation and almost no effort. Therefore, many housewives, having come from work, want to spend as little time as possible off the stove, devote more time to their children and ...