Refrigerator repair Darnytskyi district

Refrigerator repair Darnytskyi district

We offer services for the repair of refrigerators in the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv.

The red "ALARM" light is on, what should I do?

When a red light comes on in the refrigerator, it means that the system has become unstable in cooling mode. Such a malfunction can be explained by the fact that the refrigerator door is not tightly closed or that a lot of warm food is placed in the refrigerator that did not have time to cool down properly, and possibly a serious malfunction in which your refrigerator or freezer simply cannot reach the desired temperature. In such cases, the problem is solved simply - the freezer door closes well, and the products are given time to cool. If the owner of the refrigerator is faced with another cause of damage, the best thing is to contact an experienced refrigerator repair specialist in the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv from "M-Repair". Only a professional will be able to identify and eliminate the malfunction,

A refrigerator that has stopped freezing is a real test for every person, especially in the warm season. This is not just a breakdown of expensive equipment, it is also a loss of products. All attempts to repair the unit on our own are a waste of time and additional costs in the future. Only qualified "M-Repair" masters are able to return life to the equipment that is irreplaceable in everyday life. As a rule, the refrigerator stops freezing due to a freon leak, a malfunction of the motor-compressor, thermostat, electronic control module and many other reasons. In no case do not undertake to independently eliminate the alleged malfunction of the refrigeration unit, since in the absence of certain skills, you can make it impossible to repair your refrigerator, even for experienced specialists of the Darnytsia region.

Repair of refrigerators Darnitsa region "M-Repair".

We offer our services for the repair of refrigerators and freezers in Darnitsa for cash and non-cash payments from the guarantors of installed spare parts. Refrigerator repairs in the Darnytsia region are carried out at a time agreed in advance and convenient for both parties, urgent repairs of refrigerators and repairs seven days a week are not carried out. When submitting an application over the telephone, our M-Repair specialists clarify the nature of the malfunction and name the possible cost of repair, the exact price of repairing refrigerators is determined only after qualified diagnostics by our refrigerators. We serve all areas of the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv:

Kharkiv array

the Poznyaki massif

Osokorki massif

Krasny Khutor

New Darnitsa

Bortnichi massif

dacha Osokorki

Rembaza massif

Our mechanics have many years and rich experience in providing services for the repair of refrigerators, both domestic and foreign manufacturers: LG, Samsung, Indesit, Ariston, Beko, Bosch, Gorenje. Refrigerators of the Darnitsa region "M-Remont" are highly qualified and have modern diagnostic equipment for correct diagnostics and elimination of complex malfunctions of modern refrigerators:

replacement of the motor compressor of the refrigerator;

refueling the refrigerator with refrigerant (freon);

replacement of the thermostat;

starting relay;

repair of the electronic part;

electrical part;

we do not replace the sealing rubber of the refrigerator;

We do not perform case repairs of the refrigerator cabinet.

Our repair of refrigerators in the Darnytsia district in Kyiv "M-Repair" always tries to carry out its services as high quality as possible, we always wanted to hear from you only positive feedback. We are waiting for your applications.

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