Refrigerator repair Osokorki massif

Refrigerator repair Osokorki massif

Repair of refrigerators Osokorki array, Darnytskyi district of Kiev

Has your refrigerator suddenly stopped working properly? It buzzes too much, the food deteriorates, a leak of oily liquid was found ... do not rush to order a new one, because you can use the service -  repair of refrigerators at home in the Osokorki massif of the Darnytskyi district of Kiev It should be understood that even the highest quality and most expensive equipment can break down. And if the breakdown of the washing machine can still be postponed for later, then the issue with the refrigerator needs to be resolved urgently, because it concerns food.

Of course, you can try to cope on your own, or call a friend who seems to be versed in household appliances. But here it is worth weighing the pros and cons. It will be much faster and cheaper to turn to professionals. An experienced foreman from our company on the Osokorki massif in Darnitsa will quickly recognize the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it. Refrigerator home repairs  will be carried out at the agreed time, so you won't even notice the inconvenience associated with it.

Most often, a breakdown is preceded by improper operation, and therefore it is very important not to harm at further stages. Any wrong move during the repair process can lead to the fact that your refrigerator will permanently fail and turn into a metal box. Every day our employees face the consequences of independent repair refrigerator on the Osokorki massif in the Osokorki metro area and it is much more difficult and more expensive to fix them than to contact the foreman in a timely manner.

Why do refrigerators break 

  • Leakage of refrigerant (freon) is one of the most common reasons for repairing   refrigerators Most often, it happens immediately after purchasing the device, or after transporting it to another apartment. Incorrect transportation leads to depressurization of the system, and hence the leakage of freon. Here it is important to quickly eliminate the leak and charge the refrigerant; 
  • Clogging of the capillary tube - over time, in any refrigerator there is a "vaporization" of the capillary tube, caused by a chemical reaction between freon and oil in the compressor. Owners of old Soviet refrigerators do not encounter blockages, but this is quite typical for modern models. If you notice that freon has ceased to enter the evaporator in the required amount, turn off the refrigerator and contact our home refrigerator repair;
  • Motor malfunction - it can be recognized by the fact that the refrigerator immediately turns off after switching on, after just a few seconds. The same symptoms are characteristic of malfunctions of the starting and protective relay and the board, which makes it impossible to diagnose the refrigerator on your own;
  • Malfunction of the thermostat or electronic sensor - the refrigerator does not turn on, does not turn off - food freezes, rarely turns on - there is a complete or partial thawing of the refrigerator, freezing on the inside of the refrigerator compartment;
  • The No Frost refrigeration system is the most common malfunction; it is a failure of the defrost system. Loss of cold in the refrigerator, knocking of the fan impeller. You can diagnose such a malfunction yourself - turn off the refrigerator and let it defrost for at least twenty-four hours. After defrosting, the refrigerator should work normally, but not for long. Next, you should invite the repair of refrigerators to your house in the Dprnitsky district on the Oreorki of Kiev, since there are several malfunction options: a malfunction of the evaporator defrost heating element, the No Frost defrost timer or the electronic module of the refrigerator, defrost relay or defrost thermal fuse;
  • Blocked drainage hole of melt water drain - manifests itself through the leakage of water from the refrigerator, accumulated in the lower part of the chamber under the fruit bowls, a small puddle on the floor from the front of the refrigerator;
  • The wear of the sealing rubber leads to the fact that the refrigerator seems to work, but weakly, with lower performance, it turns off less often than before, the rapid growth of a frost coat on the evaporator, the need for frequent defrosting of the refrigerator;

In some cases, refrigerator repairs at home  in Darnitsa na Osokorki really are not required, especially if the problem is related to the power supply. Therefore, our specialists always carry out preliminary diagnostics by phone to make sure that calling the master is expedient, as well as to be equipped with all the necessary spare parts. So you can avoid unnecessary costs in case the breakdown can be fixed on your own in just a couple of minutes.

But in other situations, certain qualifications and experience are required in order to assess the situation not on one basis, but in a comprehensive manner. This will help extend the life of your equipment while maintaining the quality and productivity of its work. Our repairmen of refrigerators in Kiev on Osokorki have extensive experience in servicing refrigerators and are equipped with all the necessary modern equipment for the repair of modern refrigerators: “Samsung”, “Bosch”, “Zanussi”, “Ariston”, “Indesit”, “Whirlpool”, “LG”, “Gorenje”, “Snaige”, “Simens”, “Beko”, “Ardo”, “VestFrost”, “Stinol”, “Electrolux” ...

Payment method

We offer repair of refrigerators in the Darnytskyi district of Kiev on the Osokorki massif (Osokorki metro station) for cash and non-cash payments, payment by bank cards, privat 24, options for an installment plan and a loan, a master's visit to your home anywhere in Kiev, competent advice and qualified assistance!

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