Repair of Beko refrigerators at home

Repair of Beko refrigerators at home

Refrigerators Beko

The Turkish manufacturer of Beko refrigerators in the world market is relatively recent since 1990, at the same time the company is among the top five European manufacturers of household appliances with exports to one hundred countries of the world.

Repair of Beko refrigerators  in Kiev

We can offer our services for the repair of Beko refrigerators  in Kiev in your home. Our qualified refrigerator repair technicians will carry out repairs with a guarantee of installed spare parts for cash and cashless payments. If you have the necessary service equipment that our Beko refrigerator repair technicians are provided with, all of the errors listed below can be fixed in your home, do not transport your refrigerator to the workshop, and it is much cheaper.

Faults Beko refrigerators

Beko refrigerators have the same malfunctions as most other manufacturers' refrigerators:
  • thermostat;
  • motor-compressor;
  • starting relay;
  • freon leak;
  • electronic module;
  • temperature sensors;
  • sealing rubber - do not install, etc.
Our repair of Beko refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region, taking care of its image, is trying to carry out repairs so that after the repair of the refrigerator is over, we only hear the most flattering reviews we hope we deserve. Our refrigerator repair technicians have a wealth of experience, not only the repair of Beko refrigerators, but also the majority of other models of domestic and foreign refrigerators that have been removed for decades. You can safely entrust the repair of your refrigerator to our mechanic and they will give a second life to your refrigerator.  

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