Repair of refrigerators and in Brovary Brovary area

Repair of refrigerators and in Brovary Brovary area

Our company for the repair of household appliances offers you services for the refrigerators in Brovary and Brovarsky district of Kiev region: Brovary, Bervitsa, Bobrik, Bogdanovka, Velikaya Dymerka, Volnoe, Gogolev, Grebelki, Dimitrovo, Zherdova, Zavorich, Zazimye, Zalesye, Zarya, Zakhakhakh Kalinovka, Kalyta, Knyazhychi, Krasilovka, Kujbyshevo, Kulazhintsy, taphole Letochki, Shallow Tarasivka, Mihailovka, slimy, Opanas, Peremoga, Pershe Travnia, Pershetravnevoe, flat, cellars, undergrowth, Pukhovka, Rozhevka, Rozhnov, Rudnia Rusanov, illuminating , Semipolki, Skibin, Sob Olevka, Trebuhov, Frunzovka, Shevchenkovo.

Every home today has a refrigerator or freezer that greatly improves the comfort of the family. But they are not eternal and periodically fail, bringing owners a lot of problems and inconveniences.  

"M-Repair" offers high quality services for the repair of refrigerators in Brovary and Brovarsky district

  We offer repair of refrigerators in Brovary for cash and cashless payments, repair of refrigerators at home at the agreed time, we do not make urgent repairs.

Trust only professionals

Household refrigerators are becoming more complex, and it is impossible to repair them without special tools, original parts and knowledge. Therefore, if you decide to repair the refrigerator yourself, be prepared for the fact that you will encounter modern electronics, mechanics and electricity. You will need to buy expensive measuring instruments and tools, as well as choose the right parts for all parameters.

We guarantee our customers:

- adequate prices for services;

- installation of spare parts recommended by the manufacturer;

- agreed repair time;

- professionalism and decency of employees;

- guarantee and further support.

How things work

With us you will not have any problems, since we take care of all the concerns. You just call us in the "M-Repair" and report on the failure of the refrigerator, call it brand and preferably a model. Further, our employee will arrange a time for arrival. The visit of the master with all the tools and spare parts is always on time. If a spare part is required, we will order for you. After repairing the refrigerator in Brovary and Brovarsky district, the master will surely put the device on warranty and give you the appropriate document. Payment occurs only after testing the repaired device.

Do not rush to buy a new device, because together we will give it a new, long life!

* Prices for the repair of refrigerators in Brovary and Brovarsky district should be preliminarily clarified by phone, the exact cost of repairs after the diagnosis of the refrigerator.

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