Repair of refrigerators and in Vyshgorod  Vyshgorod district

Repair of refrigerators and in Vyshgorod Vyshgorod district

Breaking a refrigerator is an emergency situation in a normal family, as well as in a cafe, restaurant, pharmacy or hotel. That is why we believe that the repair of refrigerators in Vyshgorod and Vyshgorod district should be done at home at the agreed time. We have adjusted the work of our masters in such a way that, when possible, on the first visit, they eliminate any problem. Therefore, if you have any questions about the performance of the refrigerator or freezer, immediately call our "M-Repair".

We guarantee all our customers:

- agreed and convenient time for the arrival of the master;

- repair of refrigerators at home;

- the work of an experienced technician;

- cash and cashless payments;

- leakage in the foamed part of the refrigerator;

- competitive prices;

- repair of freezers;

- warranty on parts and labor;

- We do not install rubber;

- politeness, tact and punctuality.

Fast repair of freezers and refrigerators on the spot - the motto "M-Repair!

About us

We are your reliable partner and assistant in the field of repair of refrigerators in Vyshgorod and Vyshgorod district as well. As a specialized workshop, we offer quick, competent and cost-effective solutions to every problem that arises. Through our efforts over the years, hundreds of refrigerators and freezers at the client’s home have been restored. Only in exceptional cases do we have to transport the refrigerator to a service for more complex repairs.

Thanks to a wealth of experience, quick response to the challenge, knowledge and skill, we have established ourselves as the best, responsible contractor. Today, our regular customers are not only ordinary citizens, but also shops, warehouses, supermarkets, pharmacies and other commercial organizations, for which a long time without a refrigerator can result in significant losses.

The most common refrigerator breakdowns

The refrigerator no longer cools. This issue should be dealt with in detail and check each node separately. Possible problems with the power of the refrigerator. A compressor, a thermostat, or a refrigerant leak may also fail.

The refrigerator works without stopping. The reason may be an excessively high temperature in the room, a door that is not tightly closed, a worn seal. The problem may be more serious, namely: faulty thermostat, relay, control board, clogged tubes.

Water in the fridge Humidity inside the fridge is a real problem as it contributes to mold reproduction and increased energy consumption. Causes: warm food, weak compaction, clogged drainage system, long open door.

Lots of ice. Most often ice appears in old-style freezers. This phenomenon can be caused by a bad sealant, a too warm room, a long open door. It can also be an indication of poor thermostat performance.

Repair of refrigerators in Vyshgorod and Vyshgorodsky district is performed in all settlements of the region:

Abramovka, Avdeeva Niva, Bogdana, Bodenka, Vladimirovka, Voronkovka, Vakhovka, Voropaev, Higher Dubechnya, Gavrilovka, Glebovka, Guta-Katyuzhanskaya, Guta-Mizhigorskaya, Demidov, Dudki, repair of refrigerators Dymer, Zhukin, Katyuzhanka, Kamenka, Kozarov, Kozak, Kozanka, Kozovar, Kozak Lebedevka, Lesovich, Litvinovka, Lyubidva, Lyutezh, lower Dubechnia, Nikolaevka Novosyolky, Petrivtsi, Oseschina, Pirnovo, Pilyava, Rakovka, Rovzhi, Rostesnoe, Rova, ore-Dymerskaya, Rytni, Ryhta, Rykun, Bruise, Old Petrivtsi, Suvid , Sukhoi, Sychovka, Tarashovschina, Tolokun, Chervone, Hotanovka, Yasnog prefix.

* Prices for the repair of refrigerators in Vyshgorod and Vyshgorodsky district should be preliminarily clarified by phone, the exact cost of repairs after the diagnosis of the refrigerator.

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