Repair of refrigerators in Borispol and Borispol district

Repair of refrigerators in Borispol and Borispol district

Repair of refrigerators in Boryspil district of Kyiv region: Andreevka, Artemivka Bezuglovke, cornflowers, Great Oleksandrivka Great Staritsa, Cherry, Voronko, Deep, Gnedin, Golovurov, Mountain, Gorobievka, Mound, Hryhorivka, Dudarkov, young horse, Zaymische, Zatishnoe, Ivankov, Kiilov, Kirievschina, Kuchakov, Lebedin, Lyubartsy, Malaya Aleksandrovka, Malaya Staritsa, Maliy Yerkivtsi, Martusovka, Mirnoye, Peregudy, Petropavlovsk, Proleski, Protsev, Revne, Rogozov, Senkovka, Soshnikov, Staroye, Sulimovka, Happy, Tarasivka, Srazovka, Srazovka, Tarasivka, Happy...

Types of refrigerator repair without spare parts with spare parts
Refrigerator sealing rubber do not install do not install
Boryspil Diagnostics 300.00 UAH 300.00 UAH
Departure to the Boryspil district contractual contractual
Replacement of the motor-compressor of the refrigerator from 1200.00 UAH from 3000.00 gr.
Refueling refrigerant R600A, R134A from 1200.00 UAH from 1200.00 UAH
Replacement of the refrigerator thermostat from 650.00 UAH from 950.00 UAH
Replacing the start relay of the refrigerator from 650.00 UAH from 950.00 UAH
Replacing the heater (heater) of the evaporator from 850.00 UAH from 1250.00 UAH
Replacing the blower fan from 650.00 UAH from 950.00 UAH
Defrost timer replacement no frost from 650.00 UAH from 950.00 UAH
Replacing the temperature sensor (sensor) from 750.00 UAH from 1100.00 UAH
Replacing the refrigerator defrost relay from 750.00 UAH from 950.00 UAH
Repair of the electronic module (fee) from 950.00 UAH from 950.00 UAH
Minor refrigerator repairs from 550.00 UAH from 550.00 UAH
Minimal refrigerator repair      550.00 hryvnas.      550.00 hryvnas.
Built-in refrigerator    +250.00 hryvnas.    +250.00 hryvnas.
* Prices for the repair of refrigerators in Boryspil and Boryspil district should be preliminarily clarified by phone, the exact cost of repairs after the diagnosis of the refrigerator.

Borispol is a large city with a population of 58,000 people known primarily for the eponymous air gate of our country. Boryspil district with a population of 53,000 people which includes 43 settlements, except for the administrative center of the city of Borispol, it is a separate administrative unit. Boryspil district of Kiev region is rich not only with wonderful natural resources, but also with a developed industrial infrastructure.

We offer services in Boryspil and Boryspil district, Kiev region: repair of refrigerators, repair of freezers, trade refrigerated display cases, repair of refrigeration and freezing cabinets. Repair of refrigerators Borispol and in the Borispolsky district we make for cash and non-cash payments. Warranty of parts and components installed by our specialist during the repair of the refrigerator. We repair refrigerators in Boryspil and Boryspil district only by prior agreement on the arrival time and deadlines for repairing the refrigerator , the preliminary cost of repairs and the exact cost of diagnosing the refrigerator, the exact cost of repairing the refrigerator in Borispol and Borispolsky district after the diagnostics by our mechanics.

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