Repair of refrigerators in Bucha

Repair of refrigerators in Bucha

In every home, a refrigerator is a key household appliance that ensures reliable preservation of food. Any breakdown of it puts tenants in such a disadvantageous position that serious problems can begin within 1 hour. That is why we are ready to provide assistance to our customers and carry out the repair of refrigerators at home in Bucha not only qualitatively, but also quickly, we do not make urgent repairs to refrigerators .

About us and our work

Our practice in the repair of refrigerators, freezers began 10 years ago. During this time, we are faced with a variety of equipment, brands and models of refrigerators. But every time we did our work effectively. Behind our shoulders, thousands of successful repairs of refrigerators in Bucha and as many satisfied customers. We have thoroughly studied each model, its design features and weak points.

We successfully repair refrigerators in Bucha, both with drip freezing and repair refrigerators with dry freezing. Our specialized refrigeration repair engineers are regularly trained and become familiar with the latest technologies used.

How much is the repair of refrigerators in Bucha at home

We know very well how the large and incomprehensible bills for services that other services charge out, greatly disappoint people. We are different. Prices are not just low, but also fixed, so they do not change during the repair, and you will not see any additional payments.

The final price for the service is formed of two components:

  • 1. The cost of the spare part to be installed.
  • 2. The cost of the wizard, depends on the severity of damage to the refrigerator.

Close cooperation with enterprises

We are engaged in the maintenance on an ongoing basis of several stores, warehouses, catering and even kindergartens. They trust us due to the quick response and almost instant arrival of the master. We will not let your products spoil and we will do everything possible and impossible to repair the damage within a specified period.

What can happen with a fridge:

  • - water leaks;
  • - noisy work;
  • - the refrigerator does not turn on;
  • - the device works non-stop for more than a day;
  • - the temperature in the chambers does not differ from the set program;
  • - there is no light in the camera;
  • - the refrigerator began to warm, instead of cooling.

We can quickly fix all these and many other faults if you call us right now! We perform the service - refrigerators repair in Bucha for cash and cashless payments.

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