Repair of refrigerators in Novy Petrovtsy

Repair of refrigerators in Novy Petrovtsy

We offer you repair of refrigerators in Novy Petrivtsi with a guarantee for all parts and components of the refrigeration unit installed by our service specialists during the repair. Repair of refrigerators in Novi Petrivtsi at home with departure to your home is made at a pre-agreed and convenient time for all parties. Refrigerator repair New Petrovtsy possible to pay for cash and cashless payments.

About the service - repair of refrigerators in Novy Petrovtsy

A refrigerator is a technical device, and all electrical equipment or mechanical technology does not matter, it is subject to wear for years of continuous work:
  • insulation of the electric windings of the electric motor is destroyed;
  • the mechanical part of the motor-compressor wears out;
  • the appearance of freon leaks, it is a consequence of the aging of metal - corrosion;
  • wear of the electrical part - burning of the thermostat contacts, starting relay, insulation;
  • contact oxidation and wear of electronic elements of the control module;
  • drying of the rubber sealing the refrigerator door.
Our service of repairing refrigerators at home in New Petrovtsy uses modern methods of diagnostics and repair of most modern brands of refrigerators: Samsung, Bosch, Ariston, Indesit, Whirlpool, LG, Snaige, Gorenje ... and we can eliminate most of the above malfunctions:
  • replacement of the engine-compressor of the refrigerator;
  • thermostat replacement;
  • starting relay replacement;
  • refueling the refrigerator freon R600A, R134A;
  • elimination of freon leakage in the foamed part of the refrigerator;
  • replacement of the refrigerator evaporator;
  • repair of the NO FROST refrigerator system;
  • repair of electronic parts;
  • electrical repair;
  • We do not install sealing rubber of the refrigerator.

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