Repair of refrigerators in the Obolonsky district of Kiev 

Repair of refrigerators in the Obolonsky district of Kiev 

Obolonsky district, an area with well-developed infrastructure, with many developed transport interchanges, Kiev metro line, a choice of large supermarkets, an area with beautiful parks, recreation areas with restaurants and cafes, a beautiful embankment of the Dnieper. With such a developed infrastructure, there is a need for technical support for services such as our repair of refrigerators in Kiev on Obolon .

Repair of refrigerators on Obolon in Kiev

We are ready to offer the residents of the Obolonsky district our services: repair of refrigerators Obolon, repair of refrigerators Pushcha Voditsa, repair of refrigerators Minsk array, Metro Pochaina (Petrovka), repair of refrigerators Vyshgorodsky array. Let's execute repair of refrigerators on Obolon for the cash and clearing settlement, a guarantee of the spare parts established by our master at repair of the refrigerator. The terms and time for the repair of refrigerators in the Obologsky district of Kiev are pre-agreed and should be convenient for both parties.

We repair refrigerators, repair freezers, repair commercial refrigeration equipment of most modern manufacturers of refrigeration equipment: Samsung, LG, Indesit, Ariston, Snaiga ... We carry out the main types of refrigerator repair, replacement of the refrigerating motor compressor, replacing the temperature controller and starting relay, filling the refrigerator with refrigerant , leakage in the foamed part of the refrigerator, repair of electrical and electronic parts of the refrigerator. When repairing refrigerators in the Obolon district, we apply modern repair technologies.

Perform repair of refrigerators in all streets in Obolon district: st. Avtozavodskaya, lane. Avtozavodskoy, st. Aggregate, st. Alyabyev, trans. Baltic, st. Berezhanskaya st. Berestetskaya Str. Bogatyrskaya Str. Borovikovsky Str. Vyshgorodskaya, per. Havansky Str. Gamarnik Str. Heroes of the Dnieper, prosp. Heroes of Stalingrad, st. City, st. Dnipro, st. Dobryninskaya Str. Dubrovitskaya, trans. Dubrovitsky Str. Yermak Str. Cable str. Kazan, st. Kemerovskaya, st. Konoplyanskaya st. Ship, st. Krasnoflotskaya Str. Kurenevskaya, per. Kurenevsky, st. Resort, st. Lebedinskaya, trans. Lesozashchitny, st. Makeevskaya, per. Makeevsky, st. Marchenko Valeria, st. Archipenka Ave. Minsky, prosp. Stepan Bender, st. Mukachevskaya, st. Novikova-Priboy, st. Novozabarskaya st. Novokonstantinovskaya nab. Obolonskaya, pl. Obolonskaya Ave. Obolonsky Str. Polar Str. Priozernaya Str. Prirechnaya, st. Radomyshlskaya, st. Reserve, pl. Santiago de Chile, st. North, st. Sklyarenka Seeds, st. Sokal, Sq. Tula, pl. Petropavlovskaya, Black Sea, st. Miner's

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