Repair of refrigerators in the Office

Repair of refrigerators in the Office

Increasingly, household refrigerators are being installed in offices and organizations, and convenient kitchens are being organized in which employees can store food brought from home, warm it and have a full meal. Having such a place in the office means taking care of the health and comfort of employees, because sometimes it’s time to go for a full meal at a cafe, it’s much more expensive, and eating dry sandwiches is not the best option.

However, the office refrigerator, like the refrigerator at home, is not insured against damage and it may need repair. Therefore, one of our services is the repair of household refrigerators in offices, organizations, enterprises in Kiev for non-cash payments.

Features of repair of refrigeration equipment in offices

In essence, the repair of refrigeration equipment in offices and organizations has practically nothing to do with the repair of a refrigerator at home. The only difference is that there are people in the offices and workflow is underway. And in order not to distract the attention of employees and not disrupt the work process, it is important to make diagnostics and all necessary repairs as quickly as possible. In this case, the speed should not affect the quality of work.

Our masters will cope with this task without any problems. Repairs will be made as quickly as possible, but the speed will not affect the quality. Before carrying out repairs, diagnostics are necessarily made, and on the basis of it, your refrigerator is diagnosed and the cost of “treatment” is calculated. We have an honest and transparent calculation and you will understand what you are paying for. And we will not request additional money over and above the declared amount.

Another our advantage is polite and well-educated masters, who will be comfortable and pleasant to talk with.

Suitable only cashless payments? No problems!

In some cases, only cashless settlement is suitable for organizations - for example, if it is a company with budget financing or at the expense of grant funds from charitable foundations. In such cases, documentary evidence of all expenses is required. And we are one of the few companies with “white” accounting. We can work on a cashless settlement basis and are ready to prepare all the necessary documents, contracts and payment confirmations according to the forms approved by law. We are attentive to the financial statements and all settlement accounts and final documents are filled in according to the established forms.

The cost of repairing refrigeration equipment does not depend on the form of payment - with cash or non-cash payments, the prices remain the same.

And finally - some tips on choosing a refrigerator in the office

Hardly you will freeze something in the office, so choose a model with a small freezer and a large refrigerator compartment (or even without the first). It is more convenient to stay on the NoFrost system, there will be no time for a long defrosting, and to keep it clean. The opinion that the office needs a small refrigerator is fundamentally wrong - proceed from the number of employees. If your company employs more than 20 people, there’s hardly enough a small refrigerator to store everyone’s lunches. As for the choice of design and specifically the model, there can not be a single option - proceed from your own wishes, tastes and financial possibilities.

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