Repair of refrigerators Kozarovichi

Repair of refrigerators Kozarovichi

We offer services for the repair of refrigerators in Kozarovichi, Vyshgorod district, Kiev region from "M-Repair" for cash and cashless payments. A warranty is provided for parts installed by our craftsmen in the repair of refrigerators in Kozarovichi. We repair refrigerators and freezers in Kozarovichi at a time agreed upon in advance and convenient for both parties. Urgent repairs of refrigerators in Kozarovichi are not made.

Mechanics "M-Repair" for the repair of refrigerators in Kozarovichi have extensive experience, professional skills, modern technological equipment for the correct diagnosis of repair of the main types of malfunctions of modern refrigerators:

  • replacement of the refrigerator motor-compressor;
  • refilling refrigerators with freon;
  • replacement of refrigerator temperature controller;
  • starting relay replacement;
  • repair of the electrical part of the refrigerator;
  • electronic module repair;
  • we do not carry out body repairs of the refrigerator;
  • Do not replace the sealing rubber of the refrigerator doors.

M-Repair specialists in the repair of refrigerators in Kozarovichi care about their reputation, therefore, your refrigerator will be repaired as high-quality as possible, in return to receive only positive feedback from you.

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