Repair of refrigerators quarantined coronavirus

Repair of refrigerators quarantined coronavirus

Now the street is raging in the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, we are all quarantined in self-isolation. Our authorities are distinguished by verbosity and depth of thought, more precisely idle talk reminiscent of the agony of misunderstanding and ignorance of what to do.

After all, we were told about the mandatory payment of taxes and only then can we prove our rights. We pay !!! We have obligations, and rights ... We are obliged to wear medical masks, and where to get them. I heard in Spain they sell Ukrainian face masks, so the cordons are closed. At this moment, when the state should substitute its shoulders, and we see the power to show its “care” for its citizens ... We see that we will have to save ourselves, God forbid, not according to wolf laws.

Maybe it’s time for the state to show how it is fighting for its citizens with our means, and not for saving Privat Bank, while not asking us when Privat should he don’t remember that the citizens invested in it. Where are the dividends? There should be a max on a max, but we don’t pay unilaterally in one pocket.

What to do if during the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 the refrigerator breaks down?

Imagine that you are thoroughly going to sit in a bunker - refrigerators are clogged with products for which you spent the last money, which now you simply have no money to earn. And then the refrigerator said STOP? What to do? Ask for help? Whom? Power? Which dogs can be paid for komunalka !? Do not make me laugh...

At such a moment, the products are a pity, guests cannot be invited; on the street there is an epidemic of the coronavirus COVID - 19, so to speak, a pandemic. Such a quantity of products in the refrigerator cannot be overpowered, and how much is in this isolation. Only one way out is to think about repairing the refrigerator yourself.

Repair of refrigerators "M-Repair" in quarantine of coronavirus CVID-19 in Kiev and the region.

"M-Repair" suspends the repair of any repair of household appliances except repair of refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region. You can do without repairing a microwave oven or even a washing machine, but not repairing a refrigerator.

Our repair of refrigerators in Kiev and the Kiev region continues its work without changing prices and schedule. We also continue to carry out repair of refrigerators in Kiev, Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel, Vyshgorodsky district, Borodyansky district, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, Makarovsky district, Obukhovsky district, Brovarsky district, Borispolsky district.

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