Repair of refrigerators Stari Petrivtsi

Repair of refrigerators Stari Petrivtsi

Repair of refrigerators "M-Repair" offers services for the repair of refrigerators at home in Stari Petrivtsi, Vyshgorodsky district, Kiev region, at a time agreed in advance and convenient for both parties. We do not perform urgent repair of refrigerators in Stari Petrivtsi. For all spare parts installed by our craftsmen during the repair of your refrigerator, a warranty is provided.

Why choose "M-Repair" in Stari Petrivtsi

Masters for repairing refrigerators and freezers in Stari Petrivtsi from M-Repair are equipped with all the necessary modern diagnostic and repair equipment for the correct diagnosis and repair of modern refrigerators:
  • refueling of the refrigerator R134A, R600A;
  • replacement of the refrigerator motor-compressor;
  • starting relay replacement;
  • replacement of the thermostat;
  • repair of the electrical part of the refrigerator;
  • we do not replace the refrigerator rubber seal and the body repair of the refrigerator cabinet.
Our refrigerator repair mechanics in Stari Petrovtsy care about the reputation of M-Repair, therefore they use every opportunity for the high-quality and professional performance of their duties.

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