Repairing refrigerators in Irpen

Repairing refrigerators in Irpen

Do you need repair of refrigerators in Irpin at home ? Our masters are ready for arrival at the agreed time, and our car is loaded with tools and spare parts! Any type of refrigerators (drip, dry freeze, combined) will be repaired by our engineer in the stipulated time.

We know how important it is for our customers to quickly restore the working capacity of the refrigerator, therefore we make every effort for this. Our experts have more than 10 years of experience in solving the most difficult problems with refrigerators, freezers. Our affordable and fast repair services of refrigerators in Irpen will save you time and money.

Why repair of refrigerators Irpen at home we must perform?

  • -experience of each master at least 10 years;
  • -warranty;
  • - quick response to the call;
  • - fast and reliable service;
  • - charging with refrigerant (freon);
  • - we repair leaks in the foamed part;
  • - we are experts in all brands of refrigerators.

Actual for business

Keep your refrigeration equipment in top shape! Our service center for the repair of refrigerators in Iren on an ongoing basis cooperates with various enterprises (cafes, hotels, shops, warehouses, etc.). Breakage of a refrigerator or freezer can lead to substantial monetary losses, but you can avoid them if you call us right away. A team of craftsmen in a consistent manner will come to you for a quick repair of refrigerators, we do not make an urgent repair of refrigerators in Irpen.

Professional maintenance of refrigerators will save you money in the long run, since buying a new refrigerator will cost a fortune. Different brands have different typical breakdowns, so our technicians are trained to repair each brand. We use only original parts for which we are not afraid to give a guarantee.

Frequent breakdowns in refrigerators:

  • refrigerator doors do not close properly;
  • - water flows from under the freezer;
  • - the fridge is not cold enough;
  • - broken freezer;
  • - strong noise is generated during operation;
  • - the light in the camera does not turn on;
  • - freon leak;
  • - faulty thermostat.

In fact, there can be a lot of breakdowns, so if you have a faulty refrigerator, call us immediately. We will figure out what's wrong and fix the damage! And remember that there is never a good moment to break a device; it always happens unexpectedly and you will have to solve the problem on an emergency basis. And who if not the best specialists of the city will be able to help you with this? We repair refrigerators in Irpen for cash and cashless payments.

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