Repairing refrigerators in Kotsyubinskoe

 Repairing refrigerators in Kotsyubinskoe

A refrigerator, like any other equipment, has the properties to break at the most inappropriate moment, the older the device is, the more likely it is to fail. The hotter it is on the street, the more products in the refrigerator, the more unpleasant the situation. At such moments there is no place for panic. You need to weigh the pros and cons - decide to buy a new one or repair your own refrigerator. If you chose to repair, then you come to the aid of services such as our repair of refrigerators in Kotsyubinskoe.

Why "M-Repair":

We carry out the repair of refrigerators in Kotsyubinskoe for cash and cashless payments, payment by payment cards of banks, installment plans for repairs.

We repair refrigerators in Kotsyubinskoe on a pre-agreed day and time that is convenient both for our customers and for our specialists, we do not urgently repair refrigerators.

After the refrigerator is repaired, our specialist will issue you a guarantee on the spare parts installed during the repair of the refrigerator in Kotsyubinskoe, indicating the warranty period and the date of repair.

Our experts are equipped with all the necessary modern high-tech equipment and tools for proper diagnosis and repair of the refrigerator.

Our craftsmen have extensive experience and naturally accumulated rich experience in the provision of services for the repair of refrigerators and freezers, both domestic and foreign production.

We care about our reputation and fulfill our obligations under the laws of Ukraine.

We repair most of the most reputable manufacturers in our market: Samsung, Bosch, Zanussi, Ariston, Indesit, Whirlpool, LG, Snaige, Gorenje ...

Types of repair of refrigerators:

  • replacement of the motor-compressor;
  • Freon filling - R134A, R600A;
  • leakage in the foamed part of the refrigerator;
  • installation of the evaporator;
  • thermostat replacement;
  •  starting-protective relay;
  • repair of the electrical part of the refrigerator;
  • case repair is not performed;
  • We do not install sealing rubber of the refrigerator.

* The prices for the repair of refrigerators in Kotsyubinsky need to be preliminarily clarified by phone, the exact cost of repairs after the diagnosis of the refrigerator by the master.

To receive a free consultation on the proper operation and repair of your refrigerator , to invite our specialist to perform services - repair of Kotsyubinskoe refrigerators, please  call us at 044 592-34-67, 097 760-40-60, 050 466-22-33 , 093 11-44-556.

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